Air Conditioning

There are many different systems and configurations of air conditioning fitted to modern vehicles. We have invested in the equipment and training to be able to investigate and repair your air conditioning, safely and with competence.

We moved air-conditioning repair and diagnostics back into the core part of the business two years ago as we recognised air conditioning systems are becoming more and more the norm in modern vehicles. We decided it was an area of vehicle repair we needed to find out more about and understood that it's not just about filling the system with a refrigerant and hoping for the best. We have invested in a refrigerant charging station and completed a number of courses to be competent in the diagnostics and safe repair of your air conditioning system. From funny smells in the car, wet foot wells, noisy compressors, replacement of condensers and evaporators and remanufacture of hoses, we can fix all your air conditioning problems.

Having problems staying cool on a hot day?

One of the signs of loss of refrigerant is the ability to keep your car cool, it is a gradual process but normally shows up on a hot day, there is probably nothing wrong with the rest of the system it just needs a pressure test and the correct amount of refrigerant refilling. Just call on 0121 472 3848 and book an airconditioning refil or service.

Top tips

All air conditioning systems lose refrigerant estimated at between 3-5% each year, the system carries an amount of oil which helps to lubricate the seals and reduce the leaks, it is therefore recommended to run your air conditioning system for at least 15 minutes per week even during the winter.

Air conditioning systems take moisture out of the air, during the winter you will demist your car quicker by setting your air conditioning to on and the heater to full heat.

If you notice a bad odour when turning your air conditioning on it could be a bacterial growth building up in the heater unit, we can eliminate this with a anti bacterial "bomb".