Main Garage

Having arrived at The Sandpits you will see that we have adequate off road parking to ensure your car is safe and well looked after. Once booked in via reception we nominate a secure dedicated key peg for your car keys. Moving into the garage we have a well equipped workshop having four, four poster ramps to 3 tonne, one MOT class IV bay and three two poster ramps to 4 tonne, this enables us to cope with the day to day business of MOT's and services whilst allowing us to dedicate the two poster ramps for clutch, cambelt, cylinder head and suspension work. We also have a dedicated diagnostics bay which as well as diagnostics equipment includes an air-conditioning recharge unit allowing us to complete all types of vehicle repairs. As a rule we dedicate a mechanic to a job and do not move the vehicle from ramp to ramp if it is work in progress, this ensures the quality of repair we always look for.

Other Equipment

Our objective is to have the tools for the job and wherever possible we will equip the workshop with the appropriate pullers, test equipment, cambelt setting tools, diagnostics tools we require.